Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Unexpected Blessing

I know it's been a very, very, very long time since I've blogged but I just had to share this.

It always amazes me how God blesses me with the desires of my heart in so many unexpected ways.  This being one of many:

We just got back from a last minute, very short and quick trip to Wasilla and Anchorage; about 6 hours away.  Randy had an appointment in Wasilla and asked if I and the girls wanted to go.  Since his appointment was in the morning, he said we could go shopping but will be driving back home soon afterwards.  There was going to be no overnight stay but he said the magic word: SHOPPING.  Of course, the girls and I said YES!  Amanda didn't think she could take off work with a few hours notice so she didn't bother to ask so it was just Amy, Jamie (a friend of the girls that moved back to AK and is staying with us) and I that went.

I was thinking that it would have been nice to have been able to go to the malls in Anchorage since we don't have any as well as don't drive there often (this trip wasn't figured out in the budget so probably a good thing we didn't go to any)  BUT where we did go....

My one rule whenever we go any where from home:  The only thing "allowed" is to go to places that aren't at home (unless it's absolutely necessary to go to a place that is at home).

We had breakfast at IHOP (Amy's request) before Randy's appointment.  During his appointment we had time to go to KOHLS and Target (a couple of stores that I always go to when "there"); also slipped into Sally's Beauty Supply Store too since had little bit more time to wait for Randy (AND THEY WERE ALL ACROSS THE STREET from where he had to be in Wasilla and we HAD FINISHED JUST BEFORE HE FINISHED).  We then drove into Anchorage since the store Randy had planned to go to on this trip was there.  He's such a sweetheart because the girls had mentioned wanting to go to Burlington Coat Factoryand he took us there FIRST and waited the couple of hours until we were finished.  Did I mention how thoughtful and kind he is because he's NOT a shopper.

Last, off to his "man store" to get a pair of overdue, much needed pair of hunting boots.  I tried to get him to get the other item he wanted but he said he could make due without it.  That man does not like to spend money on the things for himself that he'd like to have; even on the "practical things" that is needed/would be well used and get more than its money's worth out of it.  Didn't see the price or know if it can be bought here but I think I know what to suggest to the kids to get for Father's Day.  We rounded off our trip with a meal at Arby's (my request since Olive Garden was not fast food LOL) and ice cream from Dairy Queen (Jamie's request).

Nope this trip wasn't in the budget but I did have a gift card that was given to me awhile ago but didn't have the opportunity to use until now.  Amy argued it was suppose to be used on me but nothing "caught my eye" so I used it for the cute things I found for Samuel instead and the spending money I keep in my wallet for "things" that might say "buy me" was used for things I got for Nevaeh.  Yeah, my grandbabies are worth giving up to.  My mom once said to me many years ago: she had sent me money for a birthday and said to use it on me but instead I used it for something the kids needed.  When I told her what I used it for she said I was definitely a "real mom"; giving up something I need or want for my kids.  So it must mean I'm a "real grandma" now, right?  LOL  Besides, I had fun doing it.

A needed reminder and something to think about:
It may be something so minute that it's missed if I don't take time in my day to realize and appreciate all He actually does EACH AND EVERY DAY.  You know, if I would just take a little bit of time to sit and think and look, I'd see how He blesses me every day. What/Why is it that I am so busy doing that I can't see and appreciate all God does and is doing for me ALL the time.

With all that said, what I want to say is: isn't that just like God.  Blessing us when/where we don't or least expect it.  

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