Monday, May 24, 2010

Watching, Waiting, Welcoming....

IT'S A BOY!!!  We've been anticipating this moment for quite some time.  I'm sure many didn't know we were expecting...a new baby horse that is.  Wouldn't you know it was due to be born when Randy was gone on his hunting trip with a good friend (Jeff Humphries); a trip that had been planned many weeks ago.  Midnight started to show definite signs two days after he left so it was time to keep round the clock watch on her.  I did the "day shift".  The girls split the rest of the hours so I can get some sleep.  Amanda did the "swing shift" (is that what the shift from 6-midnight is called?) and Amy had 2am--8am.  I had the longest shift, what's up with that?  but it was also the easiest after getting a full night's sleep.  Lack of sleep is not good for me--causes me to have "spells" as when I overdue it.  Well we missed the actually birth.  I so enjoy being able to watch the mircle of birth before (horses, cows, and my first grandbaby--the greatest mircle of all!) that I was disappointed to have missed this one.  He was born just before 4am.  Amy had just went outside to check on mom when the colt was almost all the way born, so she got to see the end of it.  She was able to help mom to break and remove the sac before she came to wake me up.  We were able to watch the colt take his first steps.

Some thoughts came to me:

Shouldn't that be what we should be doing of our Saviour's return, to anticipate it--to be watching and waiting for him to return.

What about when we are telling others about our dear Lord; watching and waiting for them to realize their need for Him for their Saviour and then welcoming them into the family of God; then to be a part of their first steps to learning more of him.

One last thought:  When we see a dear one straying away from God, we pray, watching and waiting for our prayers to be answered.  If we are blessed enough to be able to see that stray one to return, we welcome them back with open arms and help them to take those first steps back towards God.

It made me wonder that if I would just get pass the first step of watching and start to wait more....
Sometimes if when we are watching and don't see anything happening we stop waiting.  I wonder if because of that we never get to the end of being able to be the one to do the welcoming as well as being the one to help them take those first steps.

It makes me wonder if I would get pass the watching and waiting more....
What/how many blessings have I missed to not be the one to  "welcome" as well as to be the one to help with those "first steps".

It is something to think and pray about, isn't it.

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