Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Has it really been that long???

It's been a long time since I've been here, hasn't it.  Don't know why it's been so long.  Think I can blame the short AK summer days?  I know, can't be too short since we have daylight almost round the clock during our summer.  The short summer season, better?  Not much going on this summer.  I guess today is going to be more of an update on what's been going on...

We are down to 1 1/2 horses and hope to sell them too (to those that didn't know, we were up to 8 horses--not including the foals that were born--and also had beef cows).  This will also be our last year of doing hay.  It was fun while it lasted but with selling off all of our critters....  We thought we'd continue on with the hay and sell it but with the last couple of summers... it's a race to beat the rain to get the hay cut, dried and baled that we're finding that we were putting more time into it than it's worth.  Now that we don't need much hay for ourselves we've decided to retire from the hay business.  It's too bad because we enjoyed it...yes even I had my turn at the tractor.  Believe it or not, it was actually relaxing & peaceful driving the tractor.  I had many "conversations" with my Lord during my turn at it.

I had some type of "bug" in July.  That was not fun!  Just before we had decided to go to Valdez to fish for salmon.  I had planned on not going but the whole trip was going to be canceled because Randy didn't want me home alone so I opt to go since I was feeling better.  Valdez is known for it's rain but God blessed us with beautiful weather; cool, clear and breezy but no rain!!!  Have to admit that once we got there and started fishing off the rocks, I felt refreshed and was able to enjoy the weekend.  Except for Andrew, the whole family went; including Kyle, his wife Connie and of course my Vaeh!!!  James (Randy's uncle) also came.  Yes, the girls came too.  It's been a long time since we've had a family vacation.  Needless to say we didn't catch much of anything.  Found out the commercial boats had just came through with their nets and was waiting to go through again (from what I understand, they have to wait and not able to do so except at certain times...I think....we saw them waiting patiently).  We were planning on tenting it, like we usually do; Kyle & Connie had rented a cabin, because of Nevaeh, and talked us into getting one too.  We got the last one available--Praise God! as I was not up to tenting it this time.  Even though there wasn't any fish, we all just enjoyed spending time together.  We did see some wildlife: sea lions, eagles and one bear.  It was a great weekend. Kyle & Connie stayed another day and they saw more bears the next day. 

A week or so later, the girls and I helped with VBT (Vacation Bible Time) at our church.  Amanda & I had baked cookies for it:  Chewy Brownies, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Scotchies.  Do I hear "YUMMY, I WANT SOME!!!"?  It was a joy to see how excited all the kids were during that week. Unfortunately, I became sick again the weekend after.  It started out as a cold, then the flu.  It took me a long time to get over that one.  Yesterday was the first day I actually didn't feel sick at all.  Today was another good day.

Randy made another trip to Valdez this pass weekend.  He wanted to take Christine again before she left to go back to college, since we didn't catch anything before.  Just he, Christine, Amanda & James went.  I still wasn't feeling up to par, but since I wasn't really sick and Amy isn't "into" fishing, we stayed home.  This time there wasn't going to be a cabin so he knew I would be miserable if I really got sick again.  Besides, Kyle, Connie & Andrew weren't going either so he knew I could get help if I needed to.  Anyways, they all caught their limit (pink salmon) this time!!!  They all enjoyed themselves.  They only brought back a cooler full but they were promised to someone; since we are planning on going again in a couple of weeks when the silvers are suppose to be running.  Not as good as reds and kings, but much, much, much better than pinks.  Reds are my favorites.

Oh yeah, a granny has got to brag a little about her granddaughter, right?  Nevaeh turned one in June but started walking when she was 9 months; has been coming over 2 days a week and whenever else....  I can't forget to tell you how she found a new friend, our colt that was born in May.  She loves him and I think it's mutual.  He comes up to her all the time.  When we are outside, as soon as I put her down she heads for the horses' "pen".  I have to keep a closer eye on her when were outside as she tried to climb in a couple of times.  She knows now that she's not allowed to "cross the road" without me or her aunties. He's bigger now so she's not too sure of him anymore.  She actually prefers "mom" now.  I think because the colt is now frisky and she's not too sure about that.

Except for just enjoying it, that's my summer "highlights".  I have plenty of notes on the book I'm reviewing but thought I'd tell about me this time.  Hope you don't mind but for those that don't really know me, I'd like to share my "everyday life" with you and just not what I've learned from God.

Hope y'all are enjoying your summer as I.

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