Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm such a good wife ;-)

And I'm NOT #1 in my hubby's heart.  That's okay, he's NOT #1 in mine either.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is!!!

Last weekend,  Randy & I got to "get away" together--just the two of us.  It's kind of strange that we didn't have to make any arrangements on who was going to stay with the girls, take care of the critters, etc.  We were just able to let the girls know our plans, give them some instructions, then pack and get up and go. 

We went camping and to an archery shoot in Chulitna that Andrew had "put together"-- Bowhunter's Classic Archery Shoot (I think that's the official name....I think....I think....). This was the 2nd annual Bowhunter's Classic Archery Shoot that he did and I have to say that Andrew did a fantastic job with putting it together.  I was just planning on going to just spend the weekend with Randy, just to go, because I didn't feel like I was ready since I hadn't been practicing as much as I should have been but... he packed my bow and talked me into participating.  hmmmmmm, must be why he had me practice shooting longer distances..... Some of it was tough but I have to admit that I enjoyed it. The shoot was for two days and there were two different courses (shooting both courses each of the two days)...the second course was tough, as far as the "trails" to walk on to get to the targets. Well, okay, some of the shots were tough too--at least for me. I had debated whether to do the second course when Andrew warned me about it but Randy talked me into it. Both Randy and Kyle helped me (I was thankful that Kyle decided to tag along the first day on the second course as without his help I'm not sure I would have been able to make it) with going up and down the steep paths on the second course the first day (one pulling, the other pushing, I'm sure it was quite comical).  With doing only part of the course the second day (it was decide upon to do only part--many complained about the difficulty of the trails), it seem most of the harder, steeper trails were eliminated. Including myself, there were 4 shooters in our group the first day and 5 the second day.

Because of the challenge of the course, I have to admit that even though those trails were tough for me, I was actually disappointed that it was decided to do only part of the "harder course" the second day. I improved tremendously the second day when we figured out that my bow wasn't "sighted" in correctly so not only because of the challenge, the other reason I was disappointed for not doing the second course completely the next day was that I couldn't compare my overall score with the first day's. Oh well, it was getting late into the day anyways by the time we all finished shooting what we did the second day.  The guys were so nice and understanding about me having difficulty with my footing; well some was family so does that count? But all of them were so encouraging and praised when I did shoot, no matter whether or not I hit where I was suppose to.  They were also encouraging when I missed.

Kyle and Connie had gone to cook for everyone--lunches both days and breakfast for everyone on the second day.  It was so nice to not have to plan meals and prepare them.  Although when I do go on these kinds of trips with Randy, he does all the meal planning and cooking.  hmmmmmm, he had it easy on this trip.

I know most women wouldn't be impressed on what we did/went for our get-a-way but it's what Randy likes to do and I have come to enjoy doing so with him, as long as it isn't too frequently.  Hey, Randy does things he doesn't like with me whenever we go out of town to the "city" (Anchorage) or lower!  For example, when we went to Florida, he diligently went shopping with me.  He doesn't go into all the stores with me (which I am glad) but he did carry the pink Victoria's Secrets bag with the others through the mall while we went to other stores and did so patiently.  He's the man and he's mine.

It was a nice drive there and back.  We got to talk and had laughs.  We kept joking that this was our get-a-way for our anniversary (our 27th was yesterday, June 16); and in the busyness in today's world, how many couples actually get a chance to get away on an "odd" anniversary.  The last time we "got-a-way" was on our 25th.  Camping AND hunting that time.  We did go to the Bahamas on our 20th so I was okay with not doing anything extravagant on our 25th. Well, when our anniversary is in the middle of the week, we usually wait until the weekend to go out to dinner but it's June and well, it's bear baiting and hunting time.....  Randy felt bad, because of all the joking of the weekend being our getting away for our anniversary and it be doing something he wanted, when he asked if I minded if he went to the bear bait this weekend and we could go out for anniversary next week.  Hunting from bear baits is such a short season (just May and June--at least that's when he goes and we were in Florida for the beginning of May) and with having to work during the week and such a long drive, weekends were the only time he was able to go.  The season is soon over and he nor James hadn't gotten any bears.  The bears had been coming to their baits but not when Randy and James been out hunting at their bait sites (from tree stands). 

I'm such a good wife ;-)  Only because God blessed me with a good man that loves our Lord with his whole heart..


  1. I just thought of something; is it still considered just the two of us when Andrew, Kyle, Connie and Nevaeh was there too???!!!

  2. Still no bears and only one more weekend to go. Believe it or not, bear meat is tasty. They make awesome roasts, stews, and burger.