Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do What You Can

I just want to say, so you may understand where I am going with this (or is the phrase "coming from" better?); whenever I go to church (I may have said this before), I go with a heart, expecting God to show me what it is he wants me to hear/learn.  Many times it is something not even being preached about but there is that "one thing" that shows me so much of what I need to know/learn.

We had a wonderful message given by Bro. Ryan Gray Wednesday night.  To put it all in a nutshell, if God put something on our hearts to do for Him then what's keeping us from doing it.  It will be put on our church's website soon so you may listen to it yourself.  He took us to Nehemiah and compared the building of the walls--what the people had to put up with--to what may be stopping us today to not do what it is God places on our hearts to do.  (The book of Nehemiah was an encouragement to me during another discouraging "phase" in my life a few years ago).  Bro. Gray was basically preaching on that if God puts something on our hearts that he wants us to do for him--gives us a desire to do something--then we shouldn't hesitate to do it.  One of the things that he pointed out that can cause a person to not do it is because of distractions--we may have let these distractions interfere, take focus, instead of staying focus on doing what it is that God had placed on our heart to do.  God may have blessed us with many things but it's what or how we use these things, whether or not they become distractions--take away from doing what God wants us to do.

As long as I can remember, since I was a teenager, I had always been involved with church--wherever there was a need, I was there doing it.  If you had read my testimony, God still used me even though I wasn't saved, as well as taught me so much.  He finally had to get my attention through my health--where I HAD to stop.  To keep from going on and on and on and..... As I think I said in my testimony, I had wanted to get involved with church ministries again but it was not to be.  At first I came to see it was because I wasn't saved like I thought I was.  Then it seemed like whenever I wanted to do something, the "door was shut"--it just didn't work out.  Mostly it was because I was trying to do too much and then I'd have a relaspe; then I'd cry out, "Why can't I!  Why can't I do the same things as before?"  It got me thinking, why, why, why??? My desire is to serve God.  Why wasn't things working?  After hearing the message the thought came "Do what you can.  Do your best at what you are responsible for NOW, without being distracted with worrying about what you want to do elsewhere; then just sit and be still.  Do what you can."

When I came home I thought, yeah, the things that I do do are just as important as what others do elsewhere.  I need to be content at where I am and do what God had already given me to do.  As I said before, if we are so "in tuned" with God, the desires we have on our heart are his desires.   When He feels I am ready to do something else, he will put that desire on my heart; and if I am "in tuned" with God, I will know that it is from him.  This may not be what the message was exactly about but it was what God had showed me.

It made me wonder, when did I stop being content?  I mean, I'm content at where I am as far as my home and needs being met but I wasn't being content at what I was already suppose to be doing.  I am to do what it is I need to do now, what I have already been given to do, and that will help me to be a Woman After God's Own Heart. 

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