Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Testimony

I'll try not to make this too long but some know that once I get on a roll I can go on and on and on and....
As far back as I can remember I was sent to church via the church's bus.  When I was in the 6th grade, I went forward during invitation at the end of the preaching to get saved (wanting Christ as my Personal Saviour).  I was told by a sweet lady that I had already done so with my older sister when I was younger and did not need to do so again (which I had no memory of doing so).  When I was in the 9th grade, I had the need to go forward again but the same person reassured me that I had already done so and that maybe I just needed to be baptized so I did so.  After that I became involved with the bus ministry, nursery, helping out with the toddlers and teaching Junior Church.  I enjoyed all very much as I loved "working" with children.

I graduated from high school in 1983 and shortly afterwards from Cosmetology school (I was attending while in high school).  Exactly one year after I graduated Randy & I got married (yep, that's exactly one year as I got married on the same day I graduated...what are the odds of that!).  Randy was in the Air Force and was stationed at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.  We attended South Dade Baptist Church (I think that was the name of the church, it was so long ago...Belinda if you're reading this, you can correct me if I'm wrong).  We weren't real faithful at attending church as before we married; it was hard to go from a small church to such a big one (maybe preparing us for the church we are attending now???)  Randy then got transfered to Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska.

Since I worked at the Beauty Shop on base in Florida, I again got a job at the Beauty Shop on Eielson AFB.  God started to bless us with children (five in all from 1985-1992--yes "stair step kids"--I think that's how the saying goes).  We visited churches when we first got to Alaska but still was not happy...I think our problem was that we kept comparing them to church "back home".  At that time we didn't realize that all churches are not the same and should be looking at the church's beliefs and the truths that they are preaching (from KJV of course and a Fundamental Independent Church).  By this time we had Andrew and Christine was born; found out that Randy's mom was coming up just after Christine was born.  We knew then that we HAD to find a church.  One of my "regulars" at the Beauty Shop had been telling us about North Pole Bible Baptist Church and had been trying to get us to visit.  That is how we "found" the church we decided to make "our church home".  We were living in Salcha then (about 25 miles from Eielson AFB and 30-35miles away from church) so it was convenient that it was closer than the church we attend now.  Shortly afterwards, I was expecting Kyle so made the decision that it was time for me to stay home; then Amanda & Amy came 

By the way, we did join North Pole Bible Baptist Church (sad to say they are no more).  I became involved with teaching children as well as helping out with the nursery, during our time there, we both learned much.  We also became involved with the AWANA ministry (we actually had the "privilege" to take it completely in our hands the last couple of years we attended church there--Randy the commander and I the secretary as well as being leaders for some of the classes) and I helped with the Ladies Ministries.  Like I said, I learned much and served God, being involved in anything that was needed to be done (I believe that is why God gave me--yes gave me--my health problems as I was doing too much and He had to get my attention to stop and this was the only way to get my attention cause now that I do too much I have a relaspe).

I have to mention that during this time at NPBBC  I had my doubts of my salvation come up many times but every time it did I'd remember what this sweet lady had told me.  Besides, now I had learned so much, was serving God, knew answers, witnessing to others and even leading some to accept Christ as their Saviour themselves.  I was teaching others about things of God--both children and Ladies.  I knew the "walk and talk", I looked like a Christian so I must be saved!  Was I ever wrong!!!

Things started happening at NPBBC and Randy felt it was time for us to leave and go elsewhere (we had the blessing and understanding of the pastor and his wife to do so when we talked to them about it).  I can't tell you how my heart was broken and how much I cried.  The Pastor and his family was family (and still are) and one of our dearest friends (especially Liana to me).  God lead us to Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks--such a large church compared to NPBBC.  I had to stop myself, as before long ago, to stop comparing churches.  Many times I had to remember why I go to church--for God to reveal/teach me what He wanted me to learn.  At the beginning, I tried to "jump in" and get involved in things and guess what, I had a relaspe (a bad seizure).  I don't know how she heard but Liana (they had moved to Arkansas) called and gave me a lecture of "doing it again" and I needed to stop.

Today I can't praise God enough for bringing us to BBC.  I may not be involved in anything as I was at NPBBC but there are five GREAT things that happened.  I thought that all of my kids were saved.  We homeschool and I thought that they had but Andrew Kyle, Amanda & Amy came to face that they weren't and accepted Christ as their Saviour.  Yes, that's four, what's the fifth one?

In August of 2006, Pastor Duffet (our pastor) brought a message using the parable of the tares and wheat in Matthew 13 and compared it to those in the church:  People may look like they are saved, act like they are, talk like they are (speaking of the tares--know the walk and talk the talk) among people that actually are (the wheat).  It was a powerful message.  I realized then that I was depending on what this sweet lady told me for my salvation instead of trusting Christ as my Saviour for MYSELF!  It makes me wonder if that's why I was involved in so many things in our previous church.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed doing so, learned so much and taught others.  I still can't believe that God still taught me so much and used me to help others even though I wasn't saved myself!  But that Sunday I realized that I wasn't saved!  Ephesians 2:8-9  "came to life"~ "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: NOT of works, let any man should boast."  I turned towards Randy and told him that I needed to be saved and he went with me.  The couple that took us to the Eagles Wing; I had helped with her in VBT (Vacation Bible Time in the summer and she was with me when I lead girls to be saved), she said you know all the answers and know what to do... I prayed and told God I wanted to accept him as my Personal Saviour for MYSELF and NOT depend on someone else's word that I had already done so.  Now when Pastor asks during invitation if we knew we were 100% sure we are saved, I can say YES, YES, YES!


  1. I guess maybe I should add that after being in the Air Force for 9 years, the decision was made to not stay in the military. We decided to make Alaska our home and to raise our children here; as it's been said, in God's country.
    We built a house and living in North Pole for many years now. Randy works for Alaska Aerofuel; owned by a great Christian man and "runned" by one too. They both attend BBC, as well as others there.
    Andrew is living on his own here in Alaska, builds houses and does other construction jobs that can be found during the winter. Christine is attending Pensacola Christian College in Florida for Early Childhood Education. Kyle is married to one great gal and they have a sweetheart of a girl. He also works with Randy at Alaska Aerofuel. Amanda & Amy are still in highschool although Amanda also works part time at Hamilton Acres Baptist School doing childcare.

  2. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your testimony and your life with others. You are a blessing to many!! You cannot say you are not involved - you are involved by being a prayer warrier and a GREAT encourager to others, especially to me. God bless you!!

    Love you!

    -Kathy Adams-

  3. I enjoyed reading your testimony, though I knew most of it already. Mine is on our web site from a link on the first page: something special S&B want you to know.

  4. Hi Mrs. Wilson...I saw that you were making a blog on FaceBook. :) I am really glad you shared your testimony. I was really blessed by it. I look foward to your future posts! Frannie

  5. I enjoyed reading it very much, I don't think I've ever heard your testimony, or at least not post NPBBC. :)