Monday, March 1, 2010

A short intro

The reason for starting this blog? My desire is to be an encouragement to other ladies. I am hoping that I can do it through this. At the previous church we attended, I'd put together a monthly "newsletter" of sorts for the ladies. I have been told that it was an encouragement to them. I had thought of seeing about doing something like that at the church we attend now but it is so much larger than before, that I thought it would be overwhelming to do so.  I've prayed about it for many, many months on what I could "do" as far as a ministry and God put this on my heart--to blog. That way I can just let the ladies I know know about it and that maybe, by word of mouth, those that are interested can just read my blog. Also that way, if whoever isn't interested, they don't have to read it or if they are interested then are free to do so. This way it won't be a waste of time, paper, etc. for anyone. It would be easier on me too--not so stressful or overwhelming--since I need to be careful because of my health.
This is the first time I've done a blog and as you can see, I am still getting this set up. I don't even have a picture of me on yet! My daughter in law says I need to update my picture on my facebook page too but I haven't done that either. I will post post more of myself soon.
As time goes on, I'd appreciate all comments, insights, etc. My goal is to be an encouragement and I want this to bring all glory to God too.

Connie Lynn
(I'm using my middle name, mainly because my daughter in law's name is Connie Wilson too)


  1. Congratulations, you did it! I am proud of you. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Looking forward to this!