Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So much to grasp...

I have decide to post my "review" comments of  "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by chapter as there is so much to grasp that I had remembered that it wouldn't do the book justice if I just did one simple review of the book as a whole.  As I reread this book I am learning something I didn't "see" the first time I've read it.  Isn't it so true with reading and searching the Bible?  I can read the same thing over and over again and yet if I go expecting God to show/reveal what He wants to teach me, He is always faithful to do so.
I also want to make sure that the comments I post of what I've learned is what God would have me to share; that it won't be something I just say is true but because it's what God says is true.  Because of that, it'll probably take me 2-3 days or more for each chapter before posting my thoughs and comments.
I should have the first chapter tomorrow or Friday.  Whatever I say, I'd encourage you to still search His Word for yourself and see what God says and not just to take my word on what I've learned. 

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